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WHITE POTATOES Round potatoes cooked with olive oil,
fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and parsley
$4.50 GREEN BEANS                                                             
String beans cooked with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and onions
FRENCH FRIES  Deep fried in cholesterol free vegetable oil   $3.25 ONION RINGS  Deep fried in cholesterol free vegetable oil $4.99
ORZO Pasta cooked with onions and tomatoes $3.75 RICE PILAF  Rice cooked in chicken broth and herbs $3.25
PITA BREAD  Seasoned grilled over hardwood charcoal $1.99 EXTRA TOPPINGS   $1.25
BAKLAVA  Filo dough layered with walnuts                 
and sweet cream butter, topped with honey syrup
$3.99 YALAKTOBUREKO  Filo dough stuffed with semolina cream filling,topped with honey syrup $3.99
WALNUT CAKE $4.99 RICE PUDDING  With raisins $2.99
APPLE PUFF PIE  Puff pastry filled
with cinnamon apples and raisins
Peaches, custard and raspberry sauce