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w/greek chicken breast and our special dressing.
PEASANT SALAD (SMALL) W/onions, feta cheese                             
Our special dressing.
GYRO SALAD WITH PITA, onions, feta cheese, our special
dressing & topped with tzatziki sauce.
PEASANT SALAD SANDWICH W/ Pita bread, feta cheese,              
our special dressing
SALMON SALAD W/PITA with onions & our special dressing.
HORIATIKI W/PITA onions, feta cheese & Our special dressing.
GRILLED CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD w/PITA                                
Chicken breast over lettuce with caesar dressing and pita bread
   *NO tomatoes, cucumbers, olives & pepperochin pepper
ATHENIAN SALAD (LARGE)W/ PITA ,onions,feta cheese,         
anchovies & our special dressing.

Add feta cheese or tzatziki for extra

CHICKEN AVGOLEMONO Fresh chicken boiled with fresh
vegetables, orzo with egg-lemon sauce, served with pita
*All Salads come with Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives & pepperochini pepper